On February 17, 2023, at 14:00, a regular women’s meeting was held by the head of this ‘Syrlasu’ women’s club, a teacher at the Pedagogy, Business and Law Institute, at the department of Pedagogy and Psychology, Social and Humanitarian Disciplines Kurebay B.E. According to the organization’s plan, a meeting was held with students of 1-2-3 courses, there were exchanged thoughts and shared views.

Kurebay B.E. congratulated on the opening of the women’s club and gave the floor to senior teachers of the Department “Pedagogy and Psychology, Social and Humanitarian Disciplines” Kambergenova Sh., Ismailova F. The chairperson of the Syrlasu Women’s Club was appointed 3/4 year student Joishybai Aruzhan. In her turn, Aruzhan introduced herself and performed the song “Men қazaқtyң қyzymyn.” 2nd year psychology student Musahan Botakoz was enshrined as Assistant Chairman. The girls included in the membership of the organization shared their views, proposals, expressed their intentions and desires. The main goal of the Syrlasu club: the upbringing of decent and courteous, qualified and educated, comprehensive developed girls, to teach to show respect for the elders, care for the younger ones, to have good manners, also to explain what “Kazakh Girl” should be!

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