On November 9, 2022, the department of «Economics, services and law» of the Institute of «Pedagogy, business and law» organized a round table dedicated to the national currency Day.

Presentations were made by:

  • Director of the «Research Institute of Labor», Doctor of economics, Professor Bereshev S. K. on the topic: «Labor productivity as a factor of increasing the financial stability of the company»;
  • Head of the taxpayer’s consulting center «Alym», Candidate of economics, PhD Uvakbayeva G.B. on the topic: «Fiscal policy of Kazakhstan in the light of the Concept of public finance management of the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2030»;
  • Corporate Director of Al Hilal Islamic Bank JSC, MBA master Ibraimov O.S. on the topic: «Features of Islamic finance: an introduction to Islamic products».

During the round table session, the speakers gave exhaustive answers to numerous questions from students.

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