By the decision of the Accreditation Council of the IKCA, 16 educational programs of the Institute of Pedagogy, Business and Law of ASUE have passed specialized accreditation.

Code and classification of the field of educationDegree awarded in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programsCertificate validity period




6B 01 Pedagogical sciences

5В010200 – – «Pedagogy and Psychology20.05.2022-19.05.2027
7М01101-   – «Pedagogy and Psychology29.05.2022-19.05.2025
6В01301- Pedagogy and methods of primary education»20.05.2022-19.05.2027

7М01301- Pedagogy and methods of primary education»


6В01402 – Training of teachers of physical education»20.05.2022-19.05.2027
6В01501- Training of teachers of mathematics»29.05.2022-19.05.2025
6В01505- Training of teachers of informatics»20.05.2022-19.05.2027
6В01506- Preparation of teachers of chemistry»20.05.2022-19.05.2027
6В01508- Training of teachers of biology»29.05.2022-19.05.2025
6В01509- Training of teachers of geography»20.05.2022-19.05.2027
7M01404 -Training of teachers of physical education and sports29.12.2022-28.12.2027
6B031 Social sciences

6B03101 – Psychology


6B04 Business, Management and Law6B04102- State and local government»20.05.2022-19.05.2027
6B04201 – Jurisprudence»20.05.2022-19.05.2027
7М04201- Jurisprudence»29.05.2022-19.05.2025
6B11 Services6В11301 – Organization of transportation, traffic and transport operation20.05.2022-19.05.2027