Results of ASUE SE ranking, conducted by  “ATAMEKEN”

Every year, Almaty Humanitarian and Economic University takes part in the rating of educational programs of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs “Atameken”.

The rating of NCE “Atameken” is carried out according to such criteria as the percentage of employed graduates and their average salary, the duration of the job search after graduation, the assessment of the relevance of programs, career prospects and achievements of students, and others.

Detailed information about the ranking of educational programs of the university is available on the website of NCE “Atameken”

Results of the AHEU EP rating in the NCE “Atameken” for 2018 – 2022

Name of the educational program2018201920202021
Place in the ranking among universities of the Republic of Kazakhstan
 Pedagogical Science 
1Geography22 (out of 30)8(out of 23)Not present12(out of 17)
2Computer science13 (out of 36)4 (out of 26)22 (out of 25)20(out of 24)
3Biology18 (out of 30)16 (out of 29)18 (out of 28)19(out of 24)
4Pedagogy and methods of primary education26 (out of 48)25(out of 28)29 (out of 37)25 (out of 31)19(out of 33)
5Pedagogy and psychology26 (out of48)19 (out of 41)32 (out of 43)26 (out of 32)29(out of 34)
6Physical education and sport16 (out of 42)24 (out of 34)29(out of 35)
7Jurisprudence61(out of 64)53(out of 64)51(out of 62)56 (out of 61)46(out of56)
Social sciences, journalism and information 
8Psychology            –     21(out of 28)26 (out of 30)23 (out of 26)13(out of 24)
Business, Management and Law


9Accounting and auditing53 (out of 78)28 (out of 70)67 (out of 71)          –50(out of 64)
13Finance79 (out of 81)12 (out of 73)66 (out of 74)46 (out of 74)58(out of 65)
14Economy34 (out of 77)43 (out of 67)53(out of 64)45(out of 54)
15State and local government37 (out of 39)36 (out of 39)
16Organization of transportation25 (out of 31)25 (out of 31)31 (out of 31)          –26(out of26)