Pedagogy, Psychology and Social-Humanitarian Disciplines

The Department of “Pedagogy, Psychology and Social-Humanitarian Disciplines” is a structural subdivision of the Institute “Pedagogy, Business and Law” of the Almaty Humanitarian and Economic University.

Today, the department plays a leading role in the training of qualified personnel and carries out its activities to train bachelors and masters in the following areas:


  • 6B01101 – Pedagogy and psychology.
  • 6B01301 – Pedagogy and methods of primary education.
  • 6B03101- Psychology.


  • 7M01101 – Pedagogy and psychology
  • 7M01301 – Pedagogy and methods of primary education

The mission of the department of PPaSHD is to improve the professional level of the teaching staff with the introduction of new teaching technologies in science and the educational process in the preparation of teaching staff and the comprehensive development of modern higher education.

The task of the department is to train highly qualified competitive specialists with the skills of critical thinking, entrepreneurship and management. The department prepares daytime bachelors in the form of full-time and distance learning.

The educational process of the department is carried out in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Education”, orders and instructions of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the university charter.

The main activity of the department is aimed at the implementation of educational programs that are formed in accordance with the National Qualifications Framework, professional standards, agreed with the Dublin descriptors, included in the Register of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, taking into account the development trend of the country’s economy, modern consumer and labor market requirements for the quality of training.

The teaching staff of the department carry out active educational and methodological work, using innovative teaching methods, carry out scientific work. They take part in domestic and foreign scientific and practical conferences, publish articles in journals with an impact factor, rating journals and journals recommended by COMMITTEE FOR QUALITY ASSURANCE OF EDUCATION AND SCIENCE OF THE MES RK.

The department actively cooperates with employers who provide their resources for industrial and professional internships, where students and undergraduates acquire skills and competencies and are engaged in scientific research. Employers regularly hold seminars, webinars and presentations.

The department most closely cooperates with the following organizations: School-gymnasium No. 123 named after K. A. Yassaui; school No. 42;  Specialized school of higher sportsmanship, etc.

Currently, the department has 33 teachers. Among them are 2 doctors of pedagogical sciences, 15 candidates of sciences, 5 PhD doctors, 11 masters with scientific degrees. The general indicator of the degree of teachers of the department is 66%.